One of the most surprising new Danish gardens, wholly experimental, is located at Hune near Blokhus, in Jutland, in a desolate, inhospitable spot with sandy soil. Here Claus Bonderup, an eminent architect and his wife, Anne Just, a painter, conceived a lush paradise, bringing to mind the gardens of Islam. For it does resemble the Garden of Eden, providing shelter from desert winds and sand storms, while parading a colourful profusion of flowers and plants, and diverse trees. The Garden at Hune has grown out of a chaos of the various plants that succeeded in conquering the soil at the very outset. Seeds were sown and new plants appeared. Yet, out of this chaos, Anne Just subtly composed a garden containing a variety of surprising, minute poetic nuances coupled with grand perspectives.

Read Else Marie Bukdahl’s lovely narrative on the celestial dimensions of the garden in the Foreword to Anne Just’s Garden, The Garden at Hune, published in the summer of 2014.