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Anne Just’s Have – The Garden at Hune
In a windswept landscape, moulded by ancient glaciers and shifting sands, lies a heavenly garden. In spite of natural impediments something unique, an interaction between aesthetics and vivid imagination, in outcome almost a fairy tale. A tale about gardens given a house, and houses given gardens. All in a perfect symbiosis between Anne Just, a flower painter, and Claus Bonderup, an architect. She composing a colourful panorama, he designing the framework. The result is the Garden at Hune.

The internationally renowned Danish photographer Bent Rej depicts in images this astounding garden near the seaside resort of Blokhus, in northern Jutland, Denmark. Throughout 2013 his lens captured both plant and flower growth, and the garden’s ever changing moods.

Rej’s photographs are accompanied by shorter texts by the diva of Danish stage and screen, actor and rose lover Ghita Nørby; Louis Becker, architect, partner and international design director at the Henning Larsen firm of architects; horticulture writer, Marian Steffensen; Else Marie Bukdahl, adjunct professor at the Department of Art and Technology at Aalborg University; Anna Marie Fisker, architect; landscape architect,Torben Schønherr; Merethe Tølbøll, journalist; and finally author and journalist, Birthe Lauritsen.

Anne Just’s Have – The Garden at Hune is published in Danish and English.

ISBN: 978-87-992958-2-1
162 pages
Price: DKK 199,-

House and Garden at Hune
To transform a windswept, sandy seaside location into a flowering and architectural oasis requires more than mere vision and resolve. It demands besides a high degree of aesthetic sensibility, making all the difference between the commonplace and the unique.

Professor, designer and architect, Claus Bonderup, and flower artist, Anne Just, have at the very tip of Denmark, in northern Jutland, created a unique symbiosis between his house and her garden. That is, if one can speak in terms of ‘his’ and ‘hers’ in this context. For both entities is the product of mutual interaction and the relationship between these two personalities, the end product of each other’s thinking and ideas. Together they have brought into being a small self-supporting universe in the village of Hune, last stop before the seaside resort of Blokhus and the North Sea.

This book is a sensitive portrait of the couple, of the architect and the artist.
Huset & Haven, their life’s work. (Published in Danish only)

ISBN: 978-87-91540-32-1
Author: Birthe Lauritsen
Photographers: Axel Søgaard, and others
192 pages.
Price: DKK 250