Claus Bonderup’s life

14 November 1943 born in Aalborg
1964 Graduates from Gymnasium
1969 Graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
1969-92 Enters into partnership with Torsten Thorup
1969-70 Joins Professor Henning Larsen’s firm of architects, Copenhagen
1970-71 Joins Dr Sergio Bernades’ architects, Rio de Janeiro
1971-73 Joins Florian Vischer + George Weber architects, Basel
1973-85 Joins Jacob Blegvad, Aalborg
1973-88 Member of the Board for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings in Mariager
1974 Receives the German Die Gute Industrieform design award
1976 Receives the French ‘Form Utile’ design prize
1979 Participant at the Transformation of Modern Architecture, the Museum of Modern Art, New York
1980 Exhibits at the Permanent Design Collection, the Museum of Modern Art, New York
1980-89 Member of the Board of the European Cultural Foundation
1981 Participant at the architecture exhibition VIA Conference Wroclow, Poland, Terra 2
1982 Awarded the Eckersberg Medal
1982 Awarded the Nordic Design Prize (Norway)
1982 Participant at the New Directions in Scandinavian Architecture exhibition, New York
1982 Participant at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of Design, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York
1983-90 Member of DAL’s Design Committee
1984 Participant at the architecture exhibition, Architecture Museum, Helsinki
1984 Examiner at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen and Aarhus (appointed by the Royal Academy)
1984-2011 Deputy and member of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
1985 Participant at an architecture exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Osaka, Japan
1985 Participant at architecture exhibitions at the Skala Architecture Gallery in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo
1985 Awarded the Prix Spécial de la Direction des Arts et des Galeries d’Art près le Comité de la Culture Biennale Mondiale de l’Architecture, Bulgaria
1986-88 Member of the Danish Royal Academy’s scholarships and scholarship selection committee
1987-96 Member of the board of the Charlottenborg Exhibition Centre (nominated by the Danish Royal Academy and appointed by the Ministry of Culture)
1988-2008 Deputy and member of the Danish Royal Academy and Society of Artists Jury
1991 Marries Anne Just
1991 With Anne Just purchases their first house on Postbakken, Hune. Work on the Garden at Hune commences
1991 Receives the Fredericia Foundation Plaque for outstanding renovation projects
1992 &1993 Guest professor at the School of Architecture, Copenhagen
1992-95 Member of the Royal Danish Academy’s Committee for Landscape and Garden Art
1993 Sets up his own firm of architecture
1993 Receives the Concrete Prize, Helsinki
1993-2001 Member of the Danish Ministry of Housing’s council concerned with the renovation of Royal Danish castles (a Royal Academy nominee, 1993-2001)
1995 Guest professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture. Lectures on architecture and planning in Denmark, France, Norway and Finland
1995-2006 Member of the Building Prize Committee, Svendborg Kommune, Fyn
1997 Professor of civil engineering and architecture and design at Aalborg University
1997 Member of the Vraa Exhibition
2002-06 Member of the Cultural Council of Northern Jutland (appointed by the Royal Academy)
2009 Anne Just dies at Hune. Claus Bonderup still lives in their house in the garden.

Claus Bonderup passed away on May 10th 2022.

Claus Bonderup has premiered in several architectural competitions at home and abroad over the years, winning First Prize in an international competition for his Arctic Museum in Rowaniemi, Finland (in cooperation with Ellen Waade and Søren Birch) and First Prize again for his Electricity Museum in Tange, Denmark.