Good to know

Mobility-impaired guests using wheelchairs or walkers
As our paths tend to be quite narrow and there is quite a lot of terrain to cover at Hune, it is not possible to access the entire garden by wheelchair or walker. Nonetheless, we do have some nice, broad main pathways from where you will be able to enjoy most of the garden.
Mobility-impaired guests should wait by the entrance for a member of staff who will gladly help you directly into the garden, getting around the garden shop.

Mobility-impaired guests displaying a disabled badge are allowed to park at the Postbakken 4 entrance.

Sadly, we cannot allow dogs in the garden.

Picnic baskets
Again, we ask our visitors not to bring their own refreshments.

The Anne Just video at the Studio
During your visit why not take in a video of Anne Just recounting how she brought her garden to life, of the difficulties she encountered along the way and of the joys the end result finally yielded.