The garden’s timeline

1991: Workshop purchased on a sand dune
1993: Southern section of the Rose House constructed and hedges planted
1994: North Garden planted and its elongated rainwater basin constructed
1997 : The house built, and the curved water basin between the pines constructed
1998: The garden to the north of the house, Iris Hill and Forest Floor planted
1999: The Olympic and Pastel gardens, and raised flower beds planted, and bower built
2000: The Yellow Garden planted, the pergola built, and the summer house organised
2001: The Pigs’ Castle built on the site of the former pig pen
2002: The tower glasshouse built at the entrance as a frost-free winter storage site
2003: The neighbour, Erik Kolind Nielsen, donates a piece of his land for the Palette Garden
2003 and 2004: Anne Just’s studio cum gallery built
2004: The remainder of the neighbour garden is transferred, on which Eric’s Garden is planted.
2005: Greenhouse and Coffee House constructed in Erik’s Garden
2008: Ceramics Pavilion built and Coffee Garden planted
2008: Foundation for the Conservation of Anne Just’s Garden established with the financial support of Realdania. Anne Just and Claus Bonderup entrust house and garden to the foundation. The Erik Kolind Nielsen house and garden transferred to the foundation.
2008: The Garden Hotel opens and the ‘bulging’ detached house constructed
10 March 2009: Anne Just passes away at the age of 60. The garden endures in harmony with her vision.
2013: The apple house is established and grass planted in the northern garden.
2014: The Garden at Hune is selected for Phaidon’s The Gardener’s Garden, featuring the world’s 250 most beautiful gardens.
2014: The book Anne Just´s Have – The Garden at Hune is published
2022: Claus Bonderup passed away on May 10th 2022.
2023: The yellow Salon is established, and is now part of the Garden Hotel
2023: The shop is being rebuilt and refurnished
2023: The coffee garden is covered with a glass pavilion designed by Claus Bonderup
2023: The book Huset og Haven i Hune 2 is published