The garden

Anne Just and Claus Bonderup created this garden together. She is the composer of the flowers along the many pathways, and in each individual space, while he primarily ensured the overall principles of composition, every detail in interaction, their work fruitfully fusing.

The garden is thoughtfully composed, yet it appears, akin to the English romantic garden, as if it were designed, not by human hands, but by nature, and is thus sympathetic to nature’s own unique beauty. It is ingeniously constructed into garden spaces, where subtle visual dialogue between the geometric composition of place and the profusion of flowers and trees is continuous, generating organic interplay and intense splendorous colour. The individual garden spaces are often highlighted in a specific colour, thus producing a peculiar atmosphere and fragrance for each. The Yellow Garden, is one example, then the Red Garden and Iris Hill. This achieves order in a luxurious abundance of flowers and greenery.

In the latest book about the garden Anne Just’s Have, The Garden at Hune, Elsemarie Bukdahl pinpoints the dynamic relationship between Anne Just and Claus Bonderup as the rationale for the garden’s organic interplay between floral art and architecture.